Are you going to add more wood choices?
We're constantly looking to add new woods into our shop. There are minimums placed on our orders by our suppliers, so we can't just order a small amount of something new to test out. Also not every wood passes our testing, so ordering a large order of something new just isn't practical (don't ask about the pile of Peruvian Tornillo in the corner!) Every time we do make an order, however, we add 2 or 3 new woods to try out and if it passes we typically add it to our next order.
Where did you get the name Arbor Autopsy?
After an extremely long day in the shop and kicking back with a pint of homebrew, it just was too obvious and fitting. We autopsy trees. We receive raw wood, mill it, and cut it into blanks. You can certainly see some things about the wood from looking at the sides rectangular blanks, but until it makes it's way to our lathe, we have no idea what's hidden within. Much like a real Autopsy, we cut into it to learn each individual piece of wood's secrets. The safety gear is oddly rather similar as well. Our autopsies tend to be a bit more fun and cheery though. Well most of them. Please ignore the 'oops' pile!
Do you take custom work?
Absolutely! We have to work within the limitations of our tools so we can't move forward with every request, but we're always more than happy to read your emails and check out your drawings. We don't believe in those silly form replies, so whether we can take on your project or not, you'll get a personal reply from a real human being. For a little more info also check out the other products page. To get the ball rolling on your custom piece, drop us a line at
What's the square root of turquoise?
Very dark green. In order to convert a color to numerical form you use the red, green and blue components, in this case Red 0, Green 255, Blue 255. This number in standard hexadecimal format would be 00FFFF and translated to standard decimal format, 65535. The square root of 65535 is 255.998. Rounded up to 256, take the process in reverse translating back to hexadecimal, 000100, Red 0, Green 1, Blue 0. Which is a very dark green.
If you have a question, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at